E-Book-News, March 2012
Babelfisch reloaded: Doppeltext offline via iBooks, Calibre & Co. nutzen

TeleRead, March 2012
Doppeltext unites original text with a literary translation – available on the web or on your ereader

ActuaLitté, March 2012
Une nouvelle génération d'ebooks bilingues grâce à Doppletext

eReaders, March 2012
Leer een taal met de tweetalige ebooks van Doppeltext

The Digital Reader, March 2012
Doppeltext Launches Unique Bilingual eBook Service, November 2011
Doppeltext vereint Originalliteratur mit ihrer Übersetzung

E-Book-News, October 2011
Babelfisch de luxe: Doppeltext erleichtert fremdsprachige Klassiker-Lektüre



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Available book formats

The dual language books can be downloaded as interactive ePub files for Apple Books. When you click on a text fragment, the literary translation is displayed directly above the text. If you would like to try it on your iPad or iPhone, download a dual language short story by Guy de Maupassant. On the Kindle and other e-readers, click on the text to switch between the dual language version and the original.


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