Edgar Allan


The Spectacles

Die Brille

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Many years ago, it was the fash­ion to ri­dicule the idea of “love at first sight;”
but those who think, not less than those who feel deeply, have al­ways ad­voc­ated its ex­ist­ence.
Mod­ern dis­cov­er­ies, in­deed, in what may be termed eth­ic­al mag­net­ism or magnetœsthetics, render it prob­able
that the most nat­ur­al, and, con­sequently, the truest and most in­tense of the hu­man af­fec­tions, are those
which arise in the heart as if by elec­tric sym­pathy — in a word,
that the bright­est and most en­dur­ing of the psychal fet­ters are those which are riv­eted by a glance.
The con­fes­sion I am about to make, will add an­oth­er to the already al­most in­nu­mer­able in­stances of the truth of the po­s­i­tion.
My story re­quires that I should be some­what minute. I am still a very young man — not yet twenty-two years of age.
My name, at present, is a very usu­al and rather ple­bei­an one — Simpson.
I say “at present;” for it is only lately that I have been so called —
hav­ing le­gis­lat­ively ad­op­ted this sur­name with­in the last year, in or­der to re­ceive a large in­her­it­ance
left me by a dis­tant male re­l­at­ive, Ad­ol­phus Simpson, Esq.
The be­quest was con­di­tioned upon my tak­ing the name of the test­at­or; — the fam­ily, not the Chris­ti­an name;
my Chris­ti­an name is Na­po­leon Bona­parte — or, more prop­erly, these are my first and middle ap­pel­la­tions.
I as­sumed the name, Simpson, with some re­luct­ance, as in my true pat­ronym, Frois­sart, I felt a very par­don­able pride
— be­liev­ing that I could trace a des­cent from the im­mor­tal au­thor of the “Chron­icles.”
While on the sub­ject of names, by the by, I may men­tion a sin­gu­lar co­in­cid­ence of sound at­tend­ing the names of some of my im­me­di­ate pre­de­cessors.
My fath­er was a Mon­sieur Frois­sart, of Par­is.
His wife — my moth­er, whom he mar­ried at fif­teen — was a Ma­demois­elle Crois­sart, eld­est daugh­ter of Crois­sart the banker;
whose wife, again, be­ing only six­teen when mar­ried, was the eld­est daugh­ter of one Vic­tor Vois­sart.
Mon­sieur Vois­sart, very sin­gu­larly, had mar­ried a lady of sim­il­ar name — a Ma­demois­elle Mois­sart.
She, too, was quite a child when mar­ried; and her moth­er, also, Ma­dame Mois­sart, was only four­teen when led to the al­tar.
These early mar­riages are usu­al in France.
Here, however, are Mois­sart, Vois­sart, Crois­sart, and Frois­sart, all in the dir­ect line of des­cent.
My own name, though, as I say, be­came Simpson, by act of Le­gis­lature,
and with so much re­pug­nance on my part, that, at one peri­od, I ac­tu­ally hes­it­ated about ac­cept­ing the leg­acy
with the use­less and an­noy­ing pro­viso at­tached.

Edgar Allan Poe
The Spectacles / Die Brille
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