Edgar Allan


The Black Cat

Die schwarze Katze

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For the most wild, yet most homely nar­rat­ive which I am about to pen, I neither ex­pect nor so­li­cit be­lief.
Mad in­deed would I be to ex­pect it, in a case where my very senses re­ject their own evid­ence.
Yet, mad am I not — and very surely do I not dream. But to-mor­row I die, and to-day I would un­bur­then my soul.
My im­me­di­ate pur­pose is to place be­fore the world, plainly, suc­cinctly, and without com­ment, a series of mere house­hold events.
In their con­sequences, these events have ter­ri­fied — have tor­tured — have des­troyed me.
Yet I will not at­tempt to ex­pound them.
To me, they have presen­ted little but Hor­ror — to many they will seem less ter­rible than bar­roques.
Here­after, per­haps, some in­tel­lect may be found which will re­duce my phant­asm to the com­mon-place
— some in­tel­lect more calm, more lo­gic­al, and far less ex­cit­able than my own,
which will per­ceive, in the cir­cum­stances I de­tail with awe, noth­ing more than an or­din­ary suc­ces­sion of very nat­ur­al causes and ef­fects.
From my in­fancy I was noted for the do­cil­ity and hu­man­ity of my dis­pos­i­tion.
My ten­der­ness of heart was even so con­spicu­ous as to make me the jest of my com­pan­ions.
I was es­pe­cially fond of an­im­als, and was in­dulged by my par­ents with a great vari­ety of pets.
With these I spent most of my time, and nev­er was so happy as when feed­ing and caress­ing them.
This pe­cu­li­ar­ity of char­ac­ter grew with my growth, and in my man­hood, I de­rived from it one of my prin­cip­al sources of pleas­ure.
To those who have cher­ished an af­fec­tion for a faith­ful and saga­cious dog,
I need hardly be at the trouble of ex­plain­ing the nature or the in­tens­ity of the grat­i­fic­a­tion thus de­riv­able.
There is something in the un­selfish and self-sac­ri­fi­cing love of a brute, which goes dir­ectly to the heart of him
who has had fre­quent oc­ca­sion to test the paltry friend­ship and gos­samer fi­del­ity of mere Man.

Edgar Allan Poe
The Black Cat / Die schwarze Katze
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Übersetzt von Gisela Etzel

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