The Diaries of Adam and Eve

Die Tagebücher von Adam und Eva

Herausgegeben und übersetzt von Andreas Nohl
Illustrationen von Susanne Mehl
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Extracts from Adam’s Diary

Eve’s Diary

Extract from Adam’s Diary

Eve’s Diary (Pursuit)

After the Fall

Forty Years Later

At Eve’s Grave


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Leseprobe: Mark Twain, A Couple of Truly Wonderful Stories



I trans­lated a por­tion of this di­ary some years ago, and a friend of mine prin­ted a few cop­ies in an in­com­plete form, but the pub­lic nev­er got them.
Since then I have de­ciphered some more of Adam’s hiero­glyph­ics,
and think since he has now be­come suf­fi­ciently im­port­ant as a pub­lic char­ac­ter to jus­ti­fy this pub­lic­a­tion. – M. T.

Extracts from Adam’s Diary

Monday – This new creature with the long hair is a good deal in the way. It is al­ways hanging around and fol­low­ing me about.
I don’t like this; I am not used to com­pany. I wish it would stay with the oth­er an­im­als …
Cloudy today, wind in the east; think we shall have rain … we? Where did I get that word – the new creature uses it.
Tues­day – Been ex­amin­ing the great wa­ter­fall. It is the finest thing on the es­tate, I think.
The new creature calls it Niagara Falls – why, I am sure I do not know. Says it looks like Niagara Falls.
That is not a reas­on, it is mere way­ward­ness and im­be­cil­ity. I get no chance to name any­thing my­self.
The new creature names everything that comes along, be­fore I can get in a protest.
And al­ways that same pre­text is offered – it looks like the thing. There is a dodo, for in­stance.
Says the mo­ment one looks at it one sees at a glance that it “looks like a dodo”. It will have to keep that name, no doubt.
It wear­ies me to fret about it, and it does no good, any­way. Dodo! It looks no more like a dodo than I do.
Wed­nes­day – Built me a shel­ter against the rain, but could not have it to my­self in peace.
The new creature in­truded. When I tried to put it out it shed wa­ter out of the holes it looks with,
and wiped it away with the back of its paws, and made a noise such as some of the oth­er an­im­als make when they are in dis­tress.
I wish it would not talk; it is al­ways talk­ing. That sounds like a cheap fling at the poor creature, a slur; but I do not mean it so.
I have nev­er heard the hu­man voice be­fore,
and any new and strange sound in­trud­ing it­self here upon the sol­emn hush of these dream­ing solitudes of­fends my ear and seems a false note.
And this new sound is so close to me; it is right at my shoulder, right at my ear, first on one side and then on the oth­er,
and I am used only to sounds that are more or less dis­tant from me.
Fri­day – The nam­ing goes reck­lessly on, in spite of any­thing I can do.
I had a very good name for the es­tate, and it was mu­sic­al and pretty – GARDEN OF EDEN.
Privately, I con­tin­ue to call it that, but not any longer pub­licly.
The new creature says it is all woods and rocks and scenery, and there­fore has no re­semb­lance to a garden.
Says it looks like a park, and does not look like any­thing BUT a park.
Con­sequently, without con­sult­ing me, it has been new-named NIAGARA FALLS PARK.
This is suf­fi­ciently high-handed, it seems to me. And already there is a sign up:
My life is not as happy as it was.

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